Research Areas

Zeolites | Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Membranes | Artificial Metalloenzymes (ArMs)


Since 1994, we have introduced methods for making oriented molecular sieve membranes, 2-dimensional zeolites, and hierarchical zeolite catalysts including self-pillared microporous materials. These materials are widely used for Separations and Catalysis.


Since 2009 we develop MOF membranes, most recently, we reported the first all-vapor phase method for MOF membranes. In 2018, we were first to demonstrate electron beam patterning of MOFs, and in 2022 reported the first e-beam bottom up patterning method. These methods are at the forefront of an emerging research area on patterned MOF films and membranes.


A new area for our group, starting in 2022, is artificial enzymes for enantio-selective catalysis. In collaboration with the Kokkoli group, we aim at minimal designs and fundamental understanding of the catalytic site.